Feeding with a Team

Last spring I had an opportunity to do what few people these days ever have the privilege of doing. It was a cold, blustery spring day with spots of snow left over from a hard, wet winter. Where the snow had melted there was mud - lots of mud! Some places were more than a foot deep. These conditions, however, did not deter my friend Johnny. You see, Johnny had a mother and son team of draft horses he would use to feed his cows and even on days like this one Johnny would hook his horse team to his wagon to feed the old-fashioned way. It was on this blustery spring day I had the opportunity to accompany him.



It was amazing to see these two horses harnessed up to the wagon loaded with two 1300 lb bales of hay. These amazing animals would lay into the harness and pull the wagon through a foot of deep mud and not complain or give up. They just kept pulling. Johnny would drive them for about 30 seconds and then give them a break. Then getting right back to it, the horses would lay into the harness and pull. By the time we were finished feeding, the horses were soaking wet with sweat. Due to the windy conditions I had hay lodged in places I didn’t know I had! One year Johnny fed this way for 100 days in a row. That is quiet a feat considering winter conditions.

When things warmed up later in the spring, Charlene and the kids accompanied me to Johnny’s. I really wanted them to experience the wonder of feeding cattle this way. I’m so glad we had that opportunity because Johnny went Home to be with the Lord this winter. I can picture in my mind Johnny’s team and wagon sitting outside his mansion ready to feed cows into eternity. I’ll miss you Johnny. Thanks for your years of service to our Lord Jesus Christ.