Happy New year

While reading through Psalms this last week I came to chapter 51 and was reminded how I need a new and clean start. In 2 Samuel 11 Nathan, a prophet of God, has just delivered a message to David from God condemning him for the adultery, murder and lies he had committed regarding Bathsheba. God knew what David did. David could have just ignored it and moved on but he didn’t. Instead he gives us a great model to follow in Psalms 51 if we want a clean slate. King David confessed his sins (verse 3). In verses 1 and 2 he asks for mercy according to God’s loving kindness; God please don’t give me what I deserve. Then he asks God to “blot out” his transgressions, cleanse me thoroughly as though it never happened. David was asking for another chance, a new start. He was asking for forgiveness. Nothing he could do would earn that forgiveness, no sacrifice big or small would be deserving of God’s mercy, David deserved to die and he knew it. So he came to God with a broken spirit, a broken and contrite heart and begged for God’s mercy and he got it.

We can confess our sins and allow God’s mercy and loving kindness to give us a brand new start this new year.

May God bless your 2017 as only He can.