I’m back, for now.

Well, it seems I can’t be consistent with this writing thing.  I have every intention to, but as life gets busy, I find out just how uncommitted to writing I am.  I have plenty to write about, I have plenty of reminders,  I just can’t do it, I would rather be outside.

I think it started young.  My grandma tried to give me piano lessons, but the piano was right next to a large picture window and all I could think about was getting out there and climbing that huge fir tree or throwing cones from that tree at my brothers.  If only I had known back then that God would call me to be a music minister, I may have had more focus.  Fortunately God knew and has given me some natural ability so I can get the job done.  But more than ability He has given me a love for Him, His Word, and His people which keep me out doing what I do.  At times this love wanes, but He constantly reminds me that His love never wanes.  He loves me when I’m down, He loves me when I’m up, when I’m bad, when I’m good, when I’m a good dad and when I’m a bad dad, when I’m a good husband and when I’m terrible.  In fact, He loved me so much, even before I knew Him, that He sent His son Jesus to die in my place (Ro. 5:8).  Even though I can’t repay Him for that, I’d still like to be about His business for His glory, and I think writing is part of it for me.

So now that I figured out how to get back on this webpage, I’ll try again to keep you updated with what is going on and share what I see God doing in my life.  Thanks for your patience and grace.

In Him