Ramblings of a small time music minister serving the Big Time GOD.

Malachi in goggles Well, here goes. Charlene has encouraged (bugged, reminded, stated repeatedly) me to share some thoughts and stories of life on the road as a small time music minister and also, life on the want to be productive hobby farm. I spend somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 weekends a year out on the road sharing the Gospel through song, testimony and the Word. During the week I chase kids and try to make our small acreage and rented farm ground as productive as I can. I also pick up a few odd jobs when I can squeeze them in. Charlene and I have decided that I should take one kid at a time with me on the road when it works with school schedules and such. A couple of weeks back I took Malachi with me to Willow Creek Community Church and Butte Baptist. We stayed in the back room at the Willow Creek church. Malachi was sure disappointed that they didn’t have a swimming pool, he loves staying at motels and going to the swimming pool. Well, we were scheduled to eat breakfast with Pastor Roy and his wife Judy just across the parking lot and Malachi and I were both hungry. When we sat down to eat, Malachi folded his arms and stared down at his belly button. None of us could get him to say a word or eat a bite. I finally took him out on the porch to talk some sense into him. I said, “Buddy, this is rude, our friends have made breakfast for us, what’s wrong?” He looked up at me with those big brown eyes and one inch long eyelashes,  burst into tears and said, “I don’t want to be here, I want to be with mommy at home.” I’m sorry he was homesick but it encouraged Charlene and myself to know that he is bonding with us. See, we adopted Malachi and his older brother Isaiah and little sister Serenity 3 1/2 years ago, so things like this really excite us. Once Malachi had his say he was fine, ate his breakfast and spent the rest of the day relaxed and having fun. He even got to meet and play with some cousins, Robi and Cason, Cassie and Bob’s kids at Vale before we went on to Butte Baptist. God has been gracious in letting us see little glimpses of growth in our kids. Being homesick is a good thing.  Have we bonded with our Father? Are we homesick?

Oh they tell me of a home far beyond the sky

Oh they tell me of a home far away

Oh they tell me of a home where no storm clouds rise

Oh they tell me of an unclouded day…

In Him CW